Sports Laundry Systems

SLS GroupingDisinfection of practice gear, towels, loops and uniforms is critical to the safety and health of your athletes and staff. That’s why Sports Laundry Systems are engineered to disinfect athletic laundry in the wash. Sports Laundry Systems are proven to kill more than 99 percent of the bacteria, viruses and superbugs. Through proper disinfection of athletic laundry, Sports Laundry Systems help prevent the spread of infection among athletes and staff.

Sports Laundry Systems Kill MRSA
We’ve all heard about the havoc created by MRSA, a strain of staph that is resistant to antibiotics. MRSA has hit center stage in recent years by plaguing athletic locker rooms and facilities. It is highly contagious and spreads via skin-to-skin, towel-to-skin, clothes-to-skin and surface-to-skin contact. When an athlete contracts a MRSA infection, it means he or she could be out of practice and games for 10 days and beyond. Sports Laundry Systems kill MRSA in the wash – ensuring contaminated towels, loops and uniforms don’t infect others.

Productivity • Disinfection • Efficiency
Catapulting laundry productivity, the Sports Laundry Systems complete more laundry in less time thanks to a team consisting of high-speed washer-extractors, ozone injection and highly efficient drying tumblers. Working in concert, they bolster athletic laundry productivity so your facility completes more laundry in less time. They cut utility costs, disinfect and ensure uniforms and other items are properly washed according to pre-programed settings, exactly matching fabric recommendations.

Simple to Install
Sports Laundry Systems slide into place easily without the need for concrete foundations and bolts, making for quick and inexpensive installations. It’s the perfect fit for small areas and second-story installations, or hard to reach locations.

High-Speed Washer-Extractors


Sports Laundry Systems include high-speed washer-extractors, available in 30-, 40-, 55- and 90-pound capacities. They are highly programmability for total control over every phase of the wash process. Nearly every variable of the wash cycle is programmable and automated to combine water temperature and levels with the proper mix of cleaning chemicals, extract speeds and rotation action. Automatic chemical injection eliminates human error and the possibility of damage to athletic items. Once the programs are set, users simply choose a program number and press start. They couldn’t be simpler to use.
Equipment Specs

High-Speed Extract & High Productivity
The washer-extractors generate extract speeds of up to 381 G-force – considerably higher than most traditional washers. This way, more water is removed from every load, reducing resulting dry time. In turn, uniforms, warm-ups and towels dry more quickly. Not only do dryers run less often and fabrics experience less wear – enhancing longevity – athletic facilities save natural gas and electricity. The washer-extractors cut dry time by up to 50 percent – getting more laundry done sooner.

Ozone Injection & Disinfection


Ozone is injected into the wash cycle at precisely the right time and water temperature. A powerful and safe cleaning agent, ozone disinfects laundry using mostly cool water. The Sports Laundry System ozone system automatically adjusts the amount of ozone injected into the wash based on the soil level of the items, water level and water temperature. This is critical to proper disinfection. Sports Laundry Systems, unlike most other solutions, are laboratory tested and proven to eradicate 99.9 percent of all superbugs, including MRSA, found in soiled laundry.
Equipment Specs

Highly Efficient Drying Tumblers


Sized to fit specific productivity needs, Sports Laundry Systems’ dryers come in 60- to 115-pound capacities – delivering a quick and even dry using a highly advanced control and properly balanced airflow. They feature programmable cycle types, time-dry, auto-dry, and moisture sensing – ensuring athletic items are not over-dried. Making things simple for the operator, they also include an automatic reminder to clean the lint screen; an external end-of-cycle signal, and an anti-wrinkle and extended-tumble feature that initiates unheated tumble action after the end-of-cycle signal. This reduces wrinkles in unattended loads.
Equipment Specs

Moisture Sensing System
The moisture sensing system offers 12 programmable dryness levels and additional programmable heat time. It’s an optional feature on the 60- and 75-pound capacity dryers, and standard on the 115-pound capacity model. The moisture sensing system ensures items are not over-dried or damaged. It targets dryness levels from 0 to 40 percent, using a vast load-to-surface contact area. Once the load reaches its preset dryness level, the control stops dryer operation, resulting in less damage to fabrics and up to 31 percent less fiber loss.

Fire Suppression System
All Sports Laundry System dryers also offer an integrated sprinkler system, a sensing and extinguishing device that squelches dryer fires before they get out of control. This feature ensures athletic facilities are better protected from the hazards and damage caused by dryer fires.

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